Welcome to DeGoTech

DeGoTech is a company founded by an amateur coder named Dewang Goyal, who is currently a high school student. Since the beginning, Dewang has been tech savvy, and started to code from an early age.

Soon after receiving an RHCE certification from RedHat, Dewang starting working on multiple projects, and in a few years, with help from his colleagues and certain individuals, successfully developed 3 high-end software. The 3 products are Garuda – the intelligent mailer, Chittragupta – an online bill and invoice generator, and Magnet – a coupon software; all of these are internationally acclaimed software, and have received great reviews from customers.

DeGoTech continues to improve its products, and plans to introduce more exciting products in the future.

Our Products


An intelligent mailing software that allows user to access their email database and campaigns, and also create, deploy, and monitor campaigns.

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A PHP script built with social media engagements, security and stability in mind. This software offers a stable coupon and deal distribution platform for media and marketing companies.

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An intelligent billing and invoice generating software, designed in such a way to reduce your workload and save time.

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